Tuesday, May 31, 2011

About school

Every time I received a telephone call from Kindicare, my mind starts to wonder the "bad" things. It happened again this morning.
It is because, they are particular and very hands-on of each child well being. The few calls I had before :

1. "Hi Yanti... this is Aunty Jeanne. I have to inform you that Nada fell off the swing during outdoor time that is about a foot high from the ground. She hit back of her head onto the soft turf ground. The aunties weren't able to catch in-time before she fell. She cried out of shock for about two minutes and we are now monitoring her. She's having lunch now and looking fine with no signs of swollen, bleeding or vomiting. Please let the Nanny knows about the fall for she could monitor her as well once we send her home after "school".
I am really sorry that this happened on our ground."
AFTERMATH : Nada was fine.

2. "Hi Yanti... this is Aunty Jeanne. Nada's left eye is a little bit red and watery. She said - it's itchy. We're putting her in a separate room with Aunty Cat to look after her."
AFTERMATH : Nada contracted conjunctivitis from Mommy that lasted for a day.

3. "Hi Yanti.. this is Aunty Shanty calling on behalf of Aunty Jeanne. Nada had fever at about 10 this morning, so we didn't allow her to the pool. She's a bit sad because of that, we ensure her there will be more swimming after today. Just before we sent her home, her temperature was 38.6 degree Celsius."
AFTERMATH : Indeed she had fever lasted for two days.

TODAY'S call/message on my voice mail was :
"Hi Yanti.. this is Aunty Jeanne, please call me back when you are free....."

I called :
"Hi Yanti... Ya.. I want to let you know, we now have vacancy in Daffodil class. As follow-up of last Saturday, parents-teacher meeting.. Nada's physical co-ordination, social interactions is fit for the class. She's also 3 yrs plus, we think we are able to move her from Baby-Buttercup class. Is it okay with you? If you permit, she'll be moved with Caleb, her best friend. In that way, she wouldn't feel alone. We'll start by gradually leading her to Daffodil, may be one hour of playing time the first few days until she's comfortable."

Mommy scratched her head and trying to sound smart : "Öh well Aunty Jeanne, if you think it's appropriate with her, I wouldn't mind... I'm just worried if she couldn't adapt...."

Aunty Jeanne : "We'll monitor on that.. we'll explain to her.. y'know may be telling her, she's a big girl that she now got to do more adventurous stuff. You could also talk to her that she'll be in a new class..."

Mommy goes to work today thinking : "My girl already has a best friend? Oh! How she grew up!"*sob*

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