Sunday, May 15, 2011

Her first concert


Dew had her first concert for the play school annual get together. She's been 'practicing' - swaying her hands from side to side and singing "splish-splash". While she could tell me what characters her friends were acting, she couldn't really tell hers. This person is the bee, this person is the bird, this person is tiger, this person is Dalmation and what not. I reckon anyhow, she would be something got to do with water.

Though the children may had practice sessions, I don't think Dew has any idea of what performance is all about. Even when I wanted to dress her up in supposed costume, she insisted of wearing pink-tuk-tuk-t-shirt to go to school. Not after all the pujuk-memujuk, she agreed to put it on.

It was a big day for Dew and so it was for me. Harris on the other hand had to attend for his exam workshop, so I was left alone to handle the little miss and preparing food for pot-luck. Ayo-cam lipas kudung Mek.

We arrived at Kindicare 5 mins after 9am (when supposed to be there before 9am!) and had to park very far down the hill. Sigh, she then not so keen to walk citing she'll be tired and sweating. This is actually daddy's task for Mommy got all cranky carrying a 14kg toddler up the hill. Looking at the arrived crowd, Dew was looking confused. She proceeded anyway to be gotten ready.

I then searched for a seat and surprisingly got to sit next to my ex-school mate. What a small world. So happy ! Many parents were excited to watch the show, some even had grandparents to attend as well. I felt awkward as I was alone, makes me wonder and huge respect for single moms when one had to brace situation like this. Sure feel, something is missing.

The whole concert is of "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs".

Dew's class being youngest or baby class was the first to perform. And guess what, my baby had stage fright! she was just standing still sucking her finger looking at the crowd. Sucking finger is not actually in her diary. With red face almost crying........... I hold myself from not jumping on the stage and hug her. I should trust the guardians and glad I did.

I didn't manage to capture photo any better than this. She was not moving!.. and I was frozen too. I really hope the school photographer will have better ones.
Still shocked at the finale
After show, she's back to herself. All children were gifted with a watch. My girl prefers the Ben 10 rather Barbie. She's trying to persuade Caleb the Dalmation for a change.

God creates mothers as weird creature. Dew was only standing for her first concert and still I am very-very proud of her, words can't tell.
The rock-star Cloud whom froze!

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