Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blue-green, Red, Green and Blue

Why on earth la I start this entry with above photo? No.. not trying to say I have a lot of them. Those actually belongs to Dew. We've been keeping the money since the first note she received from relatives and friends after she was born. Duit raya for three years, Ang pow for Chinese New Year and such.

While I'd open up an insurance account the first month she was born and has been contributing top ups in addition to regular monthly premium, I have never intended to put in the money she receives in the same account. I thought, the insurance account would be what I want to give to her be it little or as much. Those she receives from others is another thing all together.

But, so bad we are. We have been procrastinating to decide where they were supposed to go. Kejap-kejap unit trust, kejap-kejap asb, kejap-kejap just bank account, kejap-kejap itu, kejap-kejap ini. And for all we know three years gone, the notes still lie underneath our pillows. Pun boleh ?

Despite the bad, I also want to praise both of us. We were never tempted to use the money either for Dew's use or our own. If ever by chance I used because it was kept in my wallet or so, i'd have that voice at the back of my head - "Replace Nada's money, replace Nada's money... " Until I do so, the voice wouldn't leave me.

I really hope, whatever we are doing is the best for Dew.

Tonight, while I was putting her to sleep... we cuddled. As usual, she would play with my eye lashes with her tiny fingers.
And out sudden she uttered... "Like Mommy, like Daddy...." in a soft voice.
I asked her back... "Nada like Mommy, Nada like Daddy?... "
She nod and I know she meant what she be translated as -love-. I wanted to cry.

This girl so deserves the best from us.
Her first face painting - had on 09.04.11 during friend from play school birthday party. She was the butterfly girl.

p.s - I think I will make a quiet sneak and sleep next to her tonite.


Mila@Rimbun said...

comelnyerrrr nada...
u remind me of Izzah's duit raya, I think its lying somewhere inside the wardrobe hahaha.. will look at it back home then

whm6840 said...

hi mila,
thank you for stopping by.
ghee.. got to purge the wardrobe... :)

Zezebel said...

Its a good thing to start them learn to save in a younger age.