Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hie.. Owh, it's been a while. Wonder if there's anyone still reading.

It has been a stressful stretch of weeks starting March for us here. My blood preasure had been escalating up extreme and down extreme as well. We finally managed to sort out our purchase of this property, though our earlier plan didn't work out it's way. 'Thanks' to the solicitor of whom, would he had taken necessary required steps.... our life is much less terrible for almost 2 months. Until now he is still frying in a dry wok! The money still hasn't come in to us.. and for us whom are salaried staffs to fork out 30% of purchase price for a landed property in Ampang .. it's very taxing!

Alhamdulillah.. after digging out all the money we had, selling all the bulu-bulu ketiak.... it's done. And now, Mek is dreaming of a renovation though SEN pun tarak!
Long been the sketch in my drafting book :

Waaaa.... ada hati nak buat attic play room untuk Nada and a sexy hanging light for double volume dining area! "A dream is a wish... your heart makes.." Let me be please, though I know my account statement is laughing at me.

I hope we could make it one day.

Other stories which I wish not pass my blog space are of course Nada's antics. Two days back, I switched channel from Disney 610 to TV3 for 8.00pm news. She complaint saying : "Alaaaahhhh... Mommy ni, I don't like this one, RAKYAT-KERAJAAN.."
I laughed hard for I'm pretty sure she didn't even know what RAKYAT and KERAJAAN means. But then, for a four year to pick up these two words among millions of words she heard on the news.. I must say, it is a 'boring' issue we've been hearing.  
I told her ... "Ya.. Mommy don't like too but Mommy must watch, if not Mommy don't know what is Big Mama doing!" :). She looked at me, puzzled - What crapt is Mommy talking?
Hehehehehe ... Kids - they say the darndest things.

I love Nada so much, but when she became a "Makcik".. I want to gobble her. You see, I accidentally broke a teapot and she came running to the kitchen scolding me like a real pro!..
"I tell you already.. Hold two hands! Like this, like this... " showing off with her two hands holding her plastic plate.
Then I said.. "Ok, you don't tell Daddy.. ya!"
She dare to say.. "No, I must tell Daddy.."
Just when Daddy opened the house door after work... It's the first thing she did!... Kaypo reporter! haish.
I got the broken teapot as a gift for my wedding and never realize what's at the bottom until it can no longer be used.
For goodness sake, I know imitation is an offense. But PIE RAT inreplacement of PYREX? Waaa.......
so inappropriate ok!
Have a nice day, peeps.


Kerabu Jantung said...

That pie rat came from Songkla!haha!

ps. bila siap rumah tu , do invite me for the housewarming aka pegi buat inspection!

I love the dining area already!

whm6840 said...


Siap rumah,KJ?... tak tahu bila ler... Kena buat part time tak stop-stop.