Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She and her imagination

An unfortunate incident happened to my family last Saturday. My aunt’s house was broke in and the culprit whom could be depressed because he/she couldn’t find anything to his/her liking that he/she decided to burn down the house. Isn’t that so pathetic?

My aunt was away in Penang, she had to rush back home upon receiving the emergency call from concerned neighbours that the house was on fire. Of course, once she arrived, the fire was already put down by fire fighters, with signs of breaking in from roof top and a left opened back door. Though aggrieved with the mishap, I am grateful that my aunt and uncle are safe.

Receiving the bad news, my cousin just had to fly back to check out on her parents. Since, it would be a quick trip, she went back alone. Hence, for a while the children came over to our place for play dates.

Children conversations, I over heard :
+   Kakk Izz : Rumah Ibu Tok terbakar, kakak jadi doktor, abang jadi Bomba. (Grandma’s house on fire, I want to be a doctor and Bro Aqil is the fire fighter.)
+   Abang Aqil : Alllllllaaaaa….. Abang la doctor.. Kakak jadi Bomba (oh noooooo… I want to be the doctor, you are the fire fighter…)
+   Kakak Izz : Okayyyylaaaaaa….. Nada? Nak jadi apa. ( Nada? What do you want to be?)
+   Nada : Nada nak jadi Superman. Boleh pusing-pusing.. tiup asap!!! (I want to be Superman. Can spin around and blow off smoke!!!)

TOING ! my daughter and her wildest dream…

I hope they'll forever be close and loving to each other.

Nada loves to draw, though her drawings aren’t necessarily justifiable in our naked eyes

This is train or shinkansen (too excited for Japan?) with Mommy, Daddy all inside and she’s at the driver’s seat mending the steering wheel !

This is Princess with big eyes, multi-colored hair, frolicking under passing blue clouds.

And this one… I asked : “Ni apa Nada ?” (What's this Nada?)
She answered : “Ooooo…. Ni TV rosak… No service!”

Waaa… I was so pissed off ! sometimes ASTRO  can be extremely annoying with No Service tagline. Really got cut off in the anxiousness of Bree, Gaby and Lynette in Desperate Housewives last night. What did they see in the woods?


ubisetela said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt's house.

Nada dah besar!

whm6840 said...

Yup.. she is.

thankful that my aunt and family are safe...