Friday, April 20, 2012

Mario Mending

I am a ‘sucker’ of ‘my’ belongings. I don’t have many, but all that I have are equally love. Priorities are to Nada’s stuff, my school books and those that carry sentimental values. Come to think about it, most of our things have stories behind it and like I say, I am a sucker of my belongings. I love them that much.
I guess it is very much related to my upbringing when Mok always show excellent example of taking good care of things around her no matter if it is expensive or cheap. Until now, she still keeps her folded kurongs in clear plastic sheets before keeping them in the closet. That meticulous she is at 80+++++ years. Most people at that age, wouldn’t care less I believe. Having a living example like this for more than 30 years of my life, surely I’d taken a streak or two if not much.

For the love to stuffs that we have and meant something to us, sometimes mending works is required to ensure they are well presentable. I created an album in my FB that I call it Mario Mending. Let see what do I have thus far.

Dew came home one day with a torn dress like this.
She told me… “Alisya, sit on chair.. Nada pull shirt. Koyak…”

I was disappointed for it’s Zara Kids dress. But then, what did a then three year old care about Zara Kids, she just thought of getting her way out. I wasn’t at all angry but I knew I would do something to mend it.

And so, here it is.
Simple stuff, but it works.

The mending also went to this appliqué dress. I always have this feel of ashame if Nada wears un-neat outfit. Cheap never mind, but if it frails, lose thread.. ahh can't take it. 

Ugly frail edges of the original bunny applique on the right.

Possibly, the mending is also because I want to keep the dress a little stretch longer. It is one of the dresses I bought in Bandung during Nada’s first abroad trip, when she’s just above a year old.

I earlier posted an entry of Nada’s excitement for her school trip to the Zoo. She reminded me again and again for a water bottle with string to be brought with her to the Zoo. Indeed, I didn’t have much time to survey for one, but more of it I was contemplating to make my own string to be attached to her existing bottle.

It was in fact what I did.

This is Nada’s first water tumbler. Hmmmm, she has her first water beaker, first water tumbler, that’s different by my definition. Harris would never understand, all are water containers to him. J

Broncosaurous to compliment...
 and a pelican..

Excited for trip to the Zoo

One mending project that would probably made Harris proud is this one.

The Shirred Shirt-Dress, inspired by Disney, an amazing crafter.

My baby bump only to show towards the end of second trimester, during my pregnancy. Being anxious to put on maternity clothing, I finally got the chance to do so. Hence, I really was on spree shopping mode for maternity clothing. For someone whom is careful with shopping, I wasn’t at all careful with my maternity clothing. In the midst of getting the clothes for myself, I pitied Harris that he was left behind.

One day during the shopping, we chose to buy him this then shirt…
So,… sayang nak buang.... eventhough it's been off the closet for quite sometime due to frail collar.

Sometimes, my collegues labelled me as ‘kedekut’ for having this habit of difficult-to-let-go-loved-stuffs. I used to carry a worn wallet out to lunches and many times being mocked : “Akak ni.. beli la wallet baru, dah tak de rupa wallet ni…”

Definitely it was a worn wallet, but I told them, my younger cousin brother, GG gifted me with the wallet. In 1996 after his Form 5, he worked part time at Mobil petrol station in Sri Gombak prior to SPM results. When he got his first salary, GG told his Mama, my aunt Cik Ra that he wanted to buy for me something. Cik Ra suggested a wallet and that’s what they got for me in surprise.

It was Bonia and I carried that for about 10 years. The fact it was gifted by a boy whom just finished school, it really meant something for me….. mestila Mek sayang the wallet.

I also have my old pencil case being used in the office which many times being ushered for a change. Man.. I am pissed off!.
That’s my pencil case since I was Form 3. For more than 20 years it had followed me in school, in uni, at work… unless tsunami hits us and drowned my pencil case.. never ask me to let it go.

She may be old but she had done nothing wrong.

 Still have my school friends photos...

Youngsters, I told them..... there is a vast difference between 'kedekut' because you treasure something so much and 'kedekut' because you're afraid you might lose your money. Don't judge a person too quick.  

I have many more in my mending list, which I’ll take every and each at a time. At the moment, there’s one stuck at Lada Gaga.

The next, it should be a pair of legs or new shoes or new boots to Baby whom just changed name to Ary.

She is Nada’s FIRST stuffed DOLL, and she already ‘lost’ her legs for more than a year!
Bad Mommy.

** Today 20.04.12, Nada let go her imaginary friend, also named Baby. I asked her to read (no, she hasn’t exactly read) her Goldilocks and the three Bears to Baby in the car on her way to school.
She told me : “Mommy, Baby not here anymore. She go to rumah dia already..." Sign of growing up..

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