Thursday, August 27, 2009


Many babies and toddlers have a habit of their own. Some love to suck blanket edges or a pillow leaving the two like a kain buruk or sucking a pacifier or sucking own thumb or…… must have her palm against somebody’s face if she wants to sleep! (that’s my beautiful cousin’s daughter – Adriana and you can read more about her HERE if you want to…. Che… link lagi).

She’s the one in the best pose of the pix… Of course the second from right, as beautiful as her mummy. (ahhh…. jangan perasan la che’ anim….)

This cousin's son of mine, tak tahu la habit apa ni. He's named after Harris as in Harith... eh tak lah.. just nama sama. :)

Nada is just like other babies, she has a habit too, a unique habit. She loves to play as in touching one’s eyebrows and eye lashes! Want to see a pix? I uploaded HERE before. I can’t figure out when she actually started. She uses her fingertips and also her palms to softly touches the brows and lashes as if experimenting her senses. I wonder how could she get the habit until Harris told me, that it is definitely from me. I do the same thing without me even realizing it. Sometimes I lay down on our couch while watching tele and start lightly rubbing my eyebrows.

Mostly, Nada fell for the habit when she’s having milk from the bottle… She would play her eyebrows with one hand while the other holding her Avent. Should I am near her she would ask for mine. So many of the time, I ended accompanying her for milk time and also for sleeping time until I transferred her to the cot. That’s why I also got sleepy and zzzzzzzzz myself while she was trying to sleep.

We trained Nada to sleep in the cot as much as we could because I already had the worst nightmare ever that she fell off the bed being too active moving around in her sleep. The daytime sleeps were fine. It's not the same at nights when sometimes she woke up and resisted her cot may be because of feeling lonely. I could hold myself from picking her up but not Harris whom is with a soft heart. He said – takut demam kalau nangis banyak (when I do not encounter even once that Nada got sick because of too much crying. Sigh!)

So at the occasions Nada used to sleep in the middle of Harris and I, she cried too due to bad dreams – I guess, since she no longer required milk over night. Her hands would go searching for eyebrows, even to the extend climbing on our laying body with her eyes closed in the search of her favorite. Eye brows!

At one point, whenever Harris and I heard Nada crying or merengek in her sleeps we would automatically, kruh-krah-kruh-krah…. turned our subconscious body towards her from whichever way we were facing becoming like R.O.B.O.T.S.
Well you know, it’s a stage that you’re actually in a very deep sleep and you hear nothing else, not even if your house was invaded by aliens except for your baby crying? – Parents would know.
Nada then would let her arms widely spread open reaching for us both. One hand on daddy’s eyebrows and one hand on mommy’s and we would be needed to stay put while she ‘main our kening’! Pekenama tu? Dia pulak bagi arahan kat kita ?

She however prefers mommy’s brows and lashes so much more as to compare to daddy’s.

The ‘main kening’ thing continued even though she slept in the baby cot on her own in the room next to ours. So, if she cried and was searching for eyebrows I got to go to her, bend myself half down to let her able to reach my eyebrows. Slowly she would need to get the feel of it, may be for 30 seconds… then she’d continue her sleeps.

Now that she’s too big for the cot, I can’t help but to let her be on the bed. Fear for felling off again, the bed looks like a fort with pillows and safe guard rail every time she sleeps. Luckily, she’s less active now but the need for brows and lashes doesn’t get any lesser. Whenever she cries, I would need to wake from my sleep, walk over from our room and lay besides her surrendering to what she wants just like a Slave serving her Queen! Redha je la….

Nada created a variation to her hobby when she not only ‘main kening’ with her hands but she also wants to feel them with her lips! Aduh.. pening Mek!
Out of sudden she came near me with her mouth slightly opened. I thought she wanted to kiss me but I was wrong! She was heading to my eyebrows and lashes and just when the lips touched, she rubbed her lips soothingly to them. Mind you, when she gets “syok”…. her saliva starts to drip and smearing whatever I was having for my eyes. So much so – No eye-shadow, No eye-liner and No mascara for me. :P Like I always put them on pun… he he

Hmmmm, Should you think what I write here about my darling is rather peculiar, wait till you hear the next.

One night, she cried for the usual thing she wants. I lied next to her while she did her thing and I dozed off. After a while, I felt she was half climbing on me. I suspected nothing because she does that all the time. I felt the brush to my brows and I opened my eyes. To my surprise, she again introduced another variation to her hobby and I was shocked to see her elbows right in front of my eyes rubbing softly my brows and lashes! Dia guna SIKU dia cik kak oooooiiii!!!!

Please go figure – An 18mths ol baby girl kneeling towards you while you are laying flat with her two elbows pointing at you, whilst so gently rubbing your eyebrow and eye lashes …. And her eyes are closed because she is sleeping!

Now, should I be worried?

Mek dah tak pening lagi… Mek pengsan terus………dush - toing-yong-yong-yong-yong-yong. Tweet – tweet – tweet – tweet, see birds now.

Ini dia itu budak kici!


Doreen said...

Hi Mario!!

Salam Ramadhan..I was bloghopping and ter"hop" kat sini.

Cuteness - your girl but yeah...quite scary too...hehe!

Take care!

ubisetela said...

Funny-lah Nada!
Ada tak dolls with kening/eyelashes yang dia boleh main? jangan lepas ni dia nak rasa kening with her tumit! hehehe

whm6840 said...

hey doreen,
tq for dropping by. yup.. can be scary.

she has a lion w such thick eyebrows... tapi tak nak main yg itu.
di kala dia guna tumit... di saat itulah pengsan ku akan lebih panjang!

kakijalan said...

that's true lah... my sister used to gosok her rubber nipples on her face bila nak tidur

Hanim said...

kan anim dah ckp dulu, kening k.yanti tu special.. main kat bibir sampai klua air-liur tu yg klaka tu :E