Thursday, August 20, 2009

The gorgeous black horse.................

..... ran like a lightning again. Hmm, who else… I mean the Jamaican man Usain Bolt. It’s the third 100m run World Record in 15 months and the second in just a year apart that he achieved with so much glory at the IAAF, World Track and Field Championships that took place in Berlin Germany, only three days back. 9.58 sec? What a blast – gila mamat ni.

I didn’t have the chance to watch him run live (I mean on tv) as to compare to Olympic Beijing 08 (wrote about this a year ago - can somebody teach me how to link the entry... yang kalau kita click kat underlined word(s) tu.....), but caught it during sports slot of 8pm Buletin Utama on TV3 and my jaw went dropped. Handsome sungguh dia lari.
So strong yet with high altitude of grace leaving the others far behind. I told Harris, if only I could be by side of the track while he’s running I would jump onto his back and grab at his shoulder for the last 20m run just to feel the wind smashing my face and running through my hair.

(Anyone remember the movie Dances with Wolves shown in the 90’s directed and starred by Kevin Costner? In the movie, there is a red Indian man with a name Wind in his Hair. It’s because unlike other red Indians whom braid their hair, this man always let his long beautiful hair untied. So, as he rides his horse crossing the vast pasture of supposed to be in the exile west of States, one can imagine how beautiful the scene would be. I was thinking of something like that lah if I could have ridden on Usain Bolt’s back!)

I interpreted Harris’s expression as,
a. by the time u try to jump… he could have finished the race,


b. the race could have been called off because there was a crazy woman landing on the track. He he.

Able to watch UB running during the News of course didn’t satisfy me. Too short ley. Me then googled for YouTube videos but to disappointment, as the 9.58 sec run turn out to be 19.58 minutes only to download. I didn’t tell uols – My home is still opting dial on jaring account. So the very low-tech la, me and Harris.

The next day during breakfast at our favorite stall near to Ampang Point, UB’s face was everywhere on news papers and I can’t let go but to talk and talk and talk about him to Harris. Naik boring laki aku.
I really dream for an opportunity to attend a mega track and field sports event. The biggest that I’ve attended was only KL - Commonwealth Games. Itu pun dah happy maut.

What does it feel to watch a man running 100m across you in less than 10 seconds? Pro-rata : 10m – 0.1 sec. Can visualize? Not easy eh? Zup! Macam tu jer. I know I’ll get goose bumps all over my skin.

However, as much as I love to watch Usain Bolt sprinting the 100m distance, I love more to perceive the look on his face when finishing JOHAN and continuing the remaining run around the stadium. Feeling proud of his run and gazing to the massive crowds applauding to his accomplishment. Posing for his famous “tunjuk-langit” pose to the thousands of photo shots. Being the center of attraction at the highest confident level.

Usain Bolt – wish for your goal of 9.4 sec WILL be conquered in the magnificent stride of yours in due time.

To my dearest girl, Nada – that’s the feel of triumph. Mommy hope and pray at any point of your life you’ll be in this glorious state and be proud of yourself.
Mommy also want you to know… even if you are not running like Usain Bolt – YOU ARE ALREADY MOMMY’S TRIUMPH… from THE FIRST DAY and when you utter the word mmMMe – mmMMiiii - it says it all.

She now wears boots to fight Mommy’s Caterpillar.


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