Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On one weekend morning

Mommy said "Nada, put on your shoes..." I chosed my pink ballet shoes and tried some balancing at the corridor wall.

I thought mommy wanted to send me to the ballet class but we ended at Old Town White Coffee instead. I made my order.

I wanted to order Long Black and Nasi Lemak, somehow I accidently marking all over the Order Chit.

Ergh! mommy always forgot to put sugar into her teh tarik, so I 'helped' her with that.

My goodness, the toast bread was so delicious. The best part, mommy let me makan KAYA! - She must be in a good mood for letting me.

Eh! Itu Alif - Sayang, sayang, sayang ke tengah lintas jalan?
Toast bread might be delicious, but nothing compares to a full bottle of milk and milk and milk. :) Do I look like Alex the Lion of Madagascar with hair like this?

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