Monday, June 25, 2012

Tokyo DisneySea

When we had our first Disneyexperience in Hong Kong, a friend of mine asked my opinion of the place. For first timer like me, my honest opinion was the place is GREAT to me. I had so much fun and a thrill plus roller coaster lover like me, Disneyland would be something that brings joyful moments.
She however has different opinion. She told me something like : “Hong Kong Disneyland to her is just a notch higher than the district on-the-go fun fair we usually have. It’s not at all comparable to other Disneyland, in fact it brings down the standard of Disneyland. The least of a Disneyland to opt is Tokyo Disneyland.”

I don’t get her. I was happy with our Disney experience in Hong Kong and I am sure I enjoyed district fun fair too during my childhood years.

On the 5th day of our holidays in Japan, we spent one whole day at Tokyo DisneySea. (Tokyo has two separate huge parks one called Disneyland and one called DisneySea)
Having visited Tokyo DisneySea, I now understand what my friend meant and for someone that had toured all the existed Disneys, she got her point.  

In Tokyo, the park is colossal, triple the rides and shows in HK ! .. I now wonder how is it in Miami ?

We queued to enter the park before the entrance gate to be opened at 8.00AM and left at 10.00PM as the gate is to be closed. Still, we couldn’t manage to cover all the rides and shows within the given day period.

O well, we moved around at the dictate of the tiny dictator – none other than our miss sassy : Nada.

If she decides to stop at every water cooler stand that she sees, be it, we stopped.   
If she decides that she needs a break, that’s it, we took a break.
If she decides to have her doze of addiction, no choice, on my lap she was.
If she decides to take a nap, willingly, Daddy's shoulder she rested.
If she decides to stand still and pop pop-corns in a middle of walking crown, grrrrrr, we braced and prayed she would not be stomped upon.  

As long as she is happy. The rest… it doesn’t matter.
milk stop

cooler again
who is the happiest?.. daddy !!!
pass for min 900mm ht ride 
first roller coaster experience for Dew, she's cool...
cooler again..

it was magic...


Kerabu Jantung said...

I can see Nada enjoyed herself so much !

mentibang.paku said...

��... kalau masuk disneyland skali, mommy & daddy harus xleh angkat kaki... ��

whm6840 said...


She did. DisneySea was Nada's second best thing in Japan after the public toilets!

Kalo Disneyland skali... harus pengsan!