Sunday, March 21, 2010

The past weeks

It has been long since my last update. There were many events that had taken place but I am just caught up with daily stuff, I couldn't make it happen in the blog.
I was rather perturbed earlier this month I decided to find something to do for not to think about it so much. The result was this dress for the loveliest girl.

She wore the first time for a wedding occasion we attended in Ipoh last two weeks.

After spending a night over in Ipoh at our cousin's place, we decided to hitch up Cameron Highlands on the way back to KL. My reason was to have steak for lunch at Equatorial.. boley blah tak?... Macam tak de kat bawah ni.

The intention however terbantut di tengah jalan as I lost my apartheid eh... appetite, blame to the traffic. Never I expected the traffic in Cameron Highlands would be that hectic, must be because of school holidays. So, it was just a drove up.... passed by Tanah Rata and drove down. Harris suggested for us to manoeuvre in to Habu Boh Plantation in our way down for a cup of tea since we were already up there. Here are some photos of Dew practicing her Golf at CH.

taking tee position

and .... whhhhheeeeewwww......

... alamak! tak kena bola

Two weekends prior CH, we had a short family break at Fraser's Hill. With El-Nino hit at the time, days spent in FH was a bliss. Apart from the coolness that I enjoyed so much, i want to tell you a secret. I truely love hotels good mattresses, don't get me wrong................
It is for this :

Hah... amek ko! ... I am still a 'kid' at heart.

Last weekend, I had my appointment with Dr Ishak the O&G at Seremban Specialist Hospital. Hmmm, nothing of good news or anykind like that. It was a follow up check-up after my pap smear procedure done a month and half ago. I am good with no significant symptoms to be worried of. Alhamdulillah.

Whenever we are in Seremban, I will surely indulge my taste bud with my favorite Mee Bandung Muar at this particular neighborhood kopitiam.

Here are Dew in Mommy's handmade Si Kembang Payung dress enjoying roti bakar at the Kopitiam and at the hospital while waiting for my turn to see the doc.

Before we left Seremban, we went to a craft shop in Terminal 1 I used to frequent. I like this outlet so much I can spend hours and hours inside it.

Nada observing the Pleat machine for smock dress making. One day, i will buy this machine. It cost RM799 - my mami is gonna shout at me : "Jelujor yah adik.... pah gak taghik buak keduk".. Hmmmm..... hok tu tahu doh mami..

I didn't leave the shop empty handed.... can you see the green cutting mat, a yellow rotary cutter and a clear plastic multiple grid ruler in above photo? Yeah they are all for the convenience of sewing purpose, Harris bought the set for me at RM 250. I assumed that as my early birthday gift. Hopefully, I'll make full use of them and able finish a patch work blanket for my girl before her age is 7!.. He he. I don't aim high. 'A' blanket is my target as of now, nothing more.

The coming Sunday will be my birthday. I insisted Harris for Amy's Suatu Masa concert at Istana Budaya as my second birthday present. He he. Well, though I am no big fan of him (in fact I am no big fan of any singer), I grew up listening to him and do enjoy his numbers.

So, I'll be 35 in no time.. what can I say and wish about that........ Like the many years before, I hope increasing number in my age will bring me much more wisdom and maturity in whatever I do.


ubisetela said...


ehh.. cutting mat from zaman buat model kat studio boleh pakai lagi kan? hehe..

lovely lil' girl, lovely dress! terrer betul mommy!

Kerabu Jantung said...

Oi, tilam sape dok lompat-lompat tu? patah spring kang!

I was very happy to meet Tok ( as sweet as 25 years ago ) dan lain-lain alhamdulillah masih ingat kat aunty.Rasa macam keluarga sendiri dah!

Kakak pulak dah sikit punya cutting la ni.

Nada comel, saling tak tumpah macam mama dia. Mama dia pulak sangat berbakat macam mami dia ( judging by the gown Nada wore ).

Aunty ingat Bang Farul kite tu cepat buleh menantu, memandangkan anak dara dia comel-comel belaka!

Cuma aunty frust sikit tak dapat duduk lama sebab malam tu ada wedding lagi kat KL.

whm6840 said...

thank you cik ubi. cutting mat zaman studio tu share ramai-ramai sebab duit ciput tak boleh beli sendiri. he he.

Pun agaknya dah diperturunkan kat bebudak junior.

Kerabu jantung,
it is nice to see you too. Kita nama je dok kl, tapi pergi jumpa nun jauh kat ipoh.

Always see you as part of the family pun.

Tok or what we call Mok is memang 'hot' dari dulu. Dia jangok kalah cucu2 dia yang cincai je ni. He he.

Nurul Hanim said...

Ya Rabbi..apa sudah jadik nie k yanti?? nie sudah kira vandalisme nih..ayoyoyoyo...!pasni kalo k yanti check in hotel, kena bayar extra laa..untuk ganti rugi!!haihhh