Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nada's Notes for Cik Byie

Dearest Cik Byie,

There is nothing I could ever do to thank you for agreeing to take care of me while mommy is away for 2 days to undergo a minor surgery at Seremban Specialist Hospital.

She would love to have me around but I don’t think the hospital will allow me into the Operation Theatre. I guess daddy will be busy attending to mommy that he will book a hotel in Seremban near to the hospital for a night stay.

For the ease of you, I just let you know in advance my day-night-day schedule. The usual that I do, Mommy and my nanny, Aunty Ani do.

7.00 ~ 7.30am :

I usually wake up at around this time and my soaked diaper really need a change. Mommy will put on slight baby lotion at my bottom before putting on Huggies-Dry diaper to prevent the skin being intact with urine.
A good 6 oz of milk will make me happy. Mommy then will let me laze around.

9.00am :
It’s time for my morning bath. At this hour, I prefer warm water. I have breakfast after bath. Biscuits and plain water will do for me.
Psst… Don’t tell mommy, but I really hate plain water! Usually, I will sip a little bit just to make her happy and spew it out when she is not seeing. He he.
Me, smart - huh?

10.00 ~ 10.30am :
I take morning nap. Don’t be surprise, that my nap could be very short. Only 30 minutes or so. I’ll show sign by rubbing my eyes, scratching my head or just making lot of noise if I am sleepy.
P/s – Please check my diaper after the nap.

11.00 ~ 12.00nn :
Playing time!…WeeeeEEE! Hopefully I’ll be a good company to Abg Aqil and Kak Izz.

12.00 noon :
I need to have my lunch. To make it easy for you, mommy will supply her home made puree which you can simply mix it with rice porridge. If you do not have the time to make porridge, mixing and mashing it with newly cooked rice while it is still hot and soft will do.
Or you can also just let the ready puree thaw or melt in my feeding bowl at room temperature, pre-heat in a hot water and feed me.
Don’t be frighten with the amount of lunch that I take. I eat a lot! But if you think I have taken enough and I still shout for more, just ignore! I can be unreasonable.

12.45 ~ 1.00pm :
Please give me a quick bath. I don’t mind cool water. After having lunch, being bathe and freshly cleaned clothes and diaper….. Ahhhhh, it is so nice to have another 7 oz of milk to satisfy what mommy called my ‘7 series - BMW’ capacity tummy.

1.30 ~ 3.30pm :
After having lunch and milk with good full tummy, I usually take the afternoon sleep at around this period. It should be longer than my morning nap, but you see… I am a very light day-time sleeper. I may easily wake-up from my sleep.
P/s – Again, after sleep please check my diaper. I think I need a change.

4.00 ~ 6.00pm :
More playing time. If we are home, daddy usually brings me to the playground or walk around our apartment compound from 5.30pm while mommy does her cooking.

6.00pm :
It’s dinner time at home. We’ll sit at dining table and snack for me, please. You can feed me with mashed bananas, purees or whatever that you think is appropriate. Should it be baby biscuit, mommy mix it with water and feed me. And at the same time, she lets me hold one in my hand for me to practice my motor skill of eating. I prefer to have puree that mommy makes for me.

6.45 ~ 7.00pm :
It’s time for bath. Again, I don’t mind cool water if the weather is hot and sunny but if it is raining, I prefer warm water. Having been cleaned, with my night pyjamas on and changed of diaper to Huggies-Dry-Comfort, please make me 6 oz of milk. Nyam-nyam.

8.30 ~ 9.00pm :
Sigh… mommy always force me to sleep at this early hour, I think. Mostly, I will make a lot of fuss because I still want to play.
Mommy bribe me with a good 8 oz of milk and I happily gulp every single oz. After my drink, I should be high of milk and start playing my own fingers with my eyes closed. I will make a lot of turning here and there.

Tips for you, I prefer dim light and my lullaby is any reciting of Ziqir. Since I move around a lot during my sleep making blanket is not a choice for me, mommy ensure my shirt is tucked inside the pants and put socks on.

I should be sleeping through out the night. If I ever wake up, usually.. I just need some pat on my back to know there is somebody near me.
But if I give a loud cry, check my diaper and… 6 oz of milk should be able to put me back to sleep.

Well Cik Byie, this is my usual routine. Of course along the line I can be pooping, crying without specific reason or just simply being naughty. Hopefully you can bear with me.

One thing for sure, this schedule is just for reference. Should it runs out… what the heck! don’t bother. You can always do it your way as long as it has no harm on me. After all, you already have 2 gorgeous kids of your own. How wrong can things be.

I will try my best to be in my best behavior and not being cranky, but…….. I do not promise….. Alamak!? EheH.

Thank you so much Cik Byie.


Nada Firas

oops... that's me!


mentibang's family said...

roger that!

QriousStar said...

hie there dear mommy... r u not ok to take care of baby???