Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just the two of us

O.. How I miss this space.

I had a special day today...
In our household, we have this arrangement that usually Mommy sends Nada to school in the morning and Daddy fetches her from the Nanny's in the evening. It's a simple arrangement because somehow I leave home for work later than Harris and it would be just nice for Nada's school timing. Harris on the other hand leaves early and gets to get home early too.

While at home after Harris fetches her, Nada never fails to call me on my hand phone to ask where would I be. It's the same routine day in and day out.

Nada : Mommy, where are you?
Mommy : I'm in the office.
Nada What are you doing? You late la Mommy..
Mommy : I'm working
Nada : Working ? What are you working?
Mommy : I draw, I write letters... bla-bla-bla.

As an Architect, among the many in our job list, we have to carry out submissions to Local Authority to obtain plan approvals prior building construction commencement.

I had a site inspection in Sentul first half of the day today. Then, I planned to head to P.J for the plans submission. On my way, I thought I'd just drop by at our home for Zohor and may be a mug of nescafe, that's when I decided to bring Nada along accompanying me for this work task.
So, I fetched her at her Nanny's and... yup she accompanied me to Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya! I told her : "Mommy is to submit plans today.. " She nodded her head, likewise she understood!

Unloading tonnes of plans from the car boot, I made her presence appreciated by asking her help to carry an envelope containing some documents.

She was P.R.O.U.D!

My objective at MBPJ, however didn't accomplish. I really got dizzy with Authorities changing forms every month in the name of upgrading system!... Apa yang upgrade.. I really don't know. So, yes.. my plans were not submitted today, because there's new form format to be filled. Dang!

I've got no choice, but to carry my plans back to the car. I tell you.. those plans weighs as much as I do. Damn heavy okay. Nada realized, I was struggling with those heavy stuff.

As we left MBPJ compound, I asked Nada if she now knows what Mommy does for work?

She answered : "Ya.. you meet officer (she learnt that word today, Mommy taught her, yeay!)
There's few other answers but the best was : "Mommy works carry plans..." Waaaaaaaa....

We also treat ourselves a dine together, just the two of us today. Here's us on camera self-timer set by Nada (I don't know how..)
1st shot and I told her :"Why you smile like that. It looks fake."
Ok Mom!
2nd shot : More like it. Do excuse my greasy face. Not a spat of powder or a touch of lipstick. How do I ever get out of this cincainess?

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