Tuesday, October 30, 2012

School works

Every now and then, Nada’s school would return the ‘works’ which were done by the kids to each parent. The works could be handicrafts, art-works, drawings, worksheets and stuff. I didn’t realize how much Nada had brought home since she started ‘schooling’ in 2011 until one day I decided to organise the works.


I spread out the stuffs to categorize them and I got stuck! I didn’t know where to start. Dang… no plans – shoot me.

Should I categorize according to the classes that she was in? The Baby Buttercup class, then in 3 year old Daffodil class and 4 year old Hibiscus class. Somehow I can’t do that because I had dumped all the works in few boxes before, they all got mixed up and I just don’t remember how to sort out according to classes timelines. Crossed the idea.

So, I settled for categorizing the works in which I think would be easy and appropriately stored by my standard. (not any ISO!) The A4 size worksheets and drawings would go into files, drawings of drawing board sizes into ‘handmade’ folders. (Thank You Daddy). Artworks and crafts into A3 size boxes of the same kind.

After couple of hours, I finally managed to have my living hall floor cleared. Fuhh !!!!

Nicely categorized and kept. There are also artworks that I’d like to hang up on our walls soon once we move to our new-old pad. Yeah, I am proud of my daughter’s silly artwork like that.

I was happy with my progress in organizing Nada’s school work. I thought I was done for the day……. NOT until I found this box full of the same stuff, all still jumble up. Drawings, art-work.. misc.
O dear.. I was not at all done – Shoot me again. How does other people handle more than one kid ?

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