Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eid 1433H

How’s Raya everyone?

My Raya this year was a mix of  joy and also sorrowfulness as I anticipated.  Even I tried so much to put the energy to the joy, the grief is still in everyone’s eyes. I do pray hard things would change.
Our new-old pad is getting it's way with us scratching our heads hard for the moo-lah.
Photo just before breaking off for Raya.

 Yesterday photo of our backyard view from dining.

Nada said : "But this house got no playground, Mommy."
Mommy : "Owh.. you'll play in the backyard. Mommy will get a trampoline for you."
Nada : "Got mosquito here. Later I scratch my hand here-here-here. And you angry me."
Mommy : "Mommy will apply mosquito repellant on you."
Nada : "What's that? Mosquito spray-spray one?"
Mommy : "Hmmmm... " (dalam hati : ha-ah.. elok jugak, Mommy spray Ridsect, kurang sikit songheh)

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