Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Make over

I have a special attachment to this modest house. It is a home that I frequent ever since I was a child until now. We had Nada's cukur jambul ceremony here too.
It is my cousin's, Mentibang Paku's pad.  

For the last five months or so, it had gone through huge transformation and I have been.... none other than a busy-body. Saturday mornings after breakfast, it became a routine for us to visit the house under renovation. Many times, I made way alone after having a meeting nearby I am scheduled to have fortnightly. 

I'd like to thank Mentibang's family for bearing with me. There were occasions that I found out the contractor didn't really built according to the way I pictured it was supposed to be. I quickly drove over to my cousin's house and made such big complaint to her.

~ "Why there's a column there? It isn't supposed to be there....." bla-bla-bla
~"Why is the ledge like that? It's not supposed to continue all the way at front......" bla-bla-bla

As always, Mentibang is a very patient person and I guess  my complaint reached the pay master. Somehow or rather, things were fixed !
I am not sure if both of them agreed with me because I did make noise or they just don't want any hustle from me.
But I really hope, they trust me that I want their house nice.

Mr Mentibang is accommodating. When asked by the contractor if he wanted the roof as designed. His reply was "Just follow..."
When the contractor informed they already went to 10 building material shops to look for the item that I suggested to be incorporated into the design and they still couldn't find it, he himself made the effort to scout for it.    

~ yeah, the railings aren't there yet....

Congratulation Mentibang for the make-over. It may be different, but the soul and spirit of the home that I've known for 20++++ years is still the same. 


Kerabu Jantung said...

wah, sikit punya make over - cantik, I like!

Nadia Helwani Halim said...

Beautiful! You are such a great architect,Can you design a happy little cottage for me? hehehe..I'm sure you are expensive though hahaha!Can't afford to pay you lol!