Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lipsticks and Pinking Shears

At 21, I was gifted an Estee Lauder lipstick by my aunt, Cik Ra. It was my first lipstick and I thanked her so much. (Ya, I’m just that type of person whom remembers minute details……. Especially the every kindness bestow to me)

By average I guess it’s pretty late that I started with lipstick, huh? At that time, my uni friends were definitely having their lips in multicolors. As always, I am not easily influenced, I do things at my own want.

Oprah says something like - “Everybody likes fashion and beauty, but some like it more than other or less than other….”

Hmmm… me, yup – I love beauty but I’m too much of a cincai person when it comes to make-up and such. I wash my face if I feel like washing, I apply toner if I remember, I don’t regularize make-up as compulsory either at home or even if I’m outside (and that’s when make up for me is just powder and lipstick).

Once, an office client asked me if I had gone for facial treatment that my face looked glowing. I told her, so far in my life, I’d only been for facial treatment once. It was more than 10 years ago and I didn’t even have it for my wedding day. If I look slightly better when she praises me, it could be I was thinking of having steak at Me'nate Steak House or D’Butcher for dinner! She didn’t believe me. Whatever.

We very much frequent the steak house, Nada receives special x-ra attention. She calls the towkey - Atok.

Another time, I declared it was my birthday during a site meeting that I attended. Y’know, when you’re an only female in a pool of more than 20 males, the Y kromosom will listen to X kromosom on aside issues like this for pleasure. They were asking me my age. I have nothing to hide, so I just said – “I’m 36” . Many were in disbelief, which apparently they thought I am much younger. (They should see my mami). One said – She looks young because she doesn’t apply much make-up. ???????? I don’t understand the relation : make-up – looks young – looks old. Anyway, that was one man’s opinion.

On another occasion, at another site……..I was chit-chatting with few people about our child(ren). Our hopes. Our prayers. I was telling if my daughter turned out to be like me in term of consideration towards mother, it would be far than enough for me. Because I know myself, though I appear to be a stubborn as my mami always says.... I have huge soft spot for her in my heart.

One Chinese man asked : “Melayu anak perempuan ada bagi makapak uwang ka?” (Does Malay daughters give their parents money?)

I said – “It doesn’t matter for us, whatever the gender is one can give money to their parents. I myself have never slip a month of not giving since my first tiny RM 800 pay. I had a fixed percentage for my mami ever then.”

Then, the man went : “Ya loooorrr… lu tarak pakai make-up, ada uwang lebey….” (Ya, you don’t wear make-up, so have extra cash) – DUH! Really ah like that ?

I don’t think so but I just layan the man : “Ya looooorrr… saya cincai la” (Ya.. I am very lousy)

He goes : “Tak paaaaaa…. Itu manyak pakai make-up punya ah… kalau tarak pakai, dia takot mau kluar lumah oooooo” (It’s okaaayyy…. Those women whom put on lots of make-up, if they don’t, they would be afraid even to get out of the house)

I told him : “Lu ah… cakap ini macam depan 5 perempuan… mesti lu mati kena bunuh ooooooo” (You speak like this in front of 5 women, you’ll get killed!) GULP!

Indeed, I wasn’t “supporting” what the man said. But then again, I do feel women shouldn’t depend on make-up for self-confidence. Make-up should ONLY help to elevate women’s self-confidence. Right? No?

As much as I am very cincai with make-up, I do carry lipstick… and believe it or not, I carry and have only ONE stick. I told Harris, how lucky he is that I never pester him to buy make-up and still I am a damn gorgeous person. (Talk about self-confidence, huh?).

To further make him feel guilty, I said he may check any other women’s purse… mostly will carry at least 2 sticks. Even those in a lower pay bracket than me would do so.

Look at my only stick.

Patahhhh ko!That is the result of having a 3 and half year old daughter who thinks she has right to try every mommy doing.

Couple of weeks ago, on a weekend morning, nature does it’s justice. My beau talked to her daughter : “Nada, wake-up. Get ready. We are going out to buy Mommy lipstick ! ”

Yipppeeee. So we went to Sogo which initially was opposed by Harris, saying I’d end up in Bunga Riben store. He was right, anyway.. I wanted to go to Bunga Riben that’s why I chose Sogo store at Jalan TAR. To my surprised, I found the long searched pinking shears (gunting gerigi-gerigi) at Bunga Riben and being the pathetic me, I told Harris : It’s ok if he doesn’t buy me lipstick, just pay for my tailoring needs. What could be worse!

Two types of additional scissors for me.

However, my beau is kind.. isn’t he? I still was gifted with new lipstick that day. Not one but two. Fuh.. so much to say about make-up.

The pinking shears had already been in good used. Two pairs of baby booties were conceived with it’s help.Cute!.. This is the first time that I used free downloaded pattern from internet.

Another cute stuff, one shoulder top for Ms Dew. This one, I tenang2 the dress design by Baby Gap at KLCC store and re-invent my own top version.

And.... this is tonite's dinner. Homemade beef Olio - Mario's version :-)

Not bad laaaaaa...

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Diyanazman said...

hehehehe.. I am dead cincai too...but unfortunately I dont look any younger than I am... :p
That chinese dude is so kelakar by the way.. hehehehehe