Wednesday, December 1, 2010

little bit of that, little bit of this

the latest dress I made for my best friend's daughter I called it Zahra - the flow-ey dress

............. time sure flies.. December! it's Harris's birthday month. Soon will be January and it's Dew's birthday month. Oh.. oh.. oh.. she'll be three.. I mean THREE????

Update of my baby girl - she's now diaper-less.

We actually don't really toilet trained her. For one - Mek is lazy to make the trips for her to the loo. Top of it, Dew is still a baby with not much words. So, I kinda give reasons to myself because it rings in my ear that old timers always say - Cakap dah pandai macam-macam tapi kencing-berak tak nak cakap. I felt that we could escape ourselves from such impression and it's 'ok' if her butt is still covered with diaper since she doesn't speak much of 'understandable' language.
He he...

Her loo some four months ago.
Not wanting to be disturbed while doing no 2 but Mommy curik2 ambik gambar nie.

I was wrong though, when a baby is ready for toilets.. it will happen despite not much of coaching neither baby being so eloquent. As for Nada, it started with her.. herself, telling us she wanted to poop. Then I tried not to put diaper on and told her that if she wants to pee, she got to go to the toilet. It was Sunday afternoon that day when I dozed off on the couch while she was playing with her toys next to me. I was awaken by the too quietness of the room. (well, didn't it happen to you that you can still hear sounds even if you're sleeping?). The first thing I did was shouting - "Nada!!! where are you ?" She answered me.. Kensheng toilet mommy.
Awww.. all by herself.
She never had any wet encounter. Last nite, she slept through out with no diaper and woke me up at around 430am to go to the toilet. :)

Now, we have three packs of unopen Huggies diapers which looks like they will not to be used in near time.
Nada in Mommy's handmade Tartan Pleated Dress
Nada in Mommy's handmade The Sachs Dress.

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Kerabu Jantung said...

That pretty dress ia a good hadiah for her ..kensheng toilet....