Saturday, December 18, 2010


Meet my latest craftwork :
My handmade sewing kit - the hanger yet altered.

Better looking with altered hanger, help from greatest hubby.
Close-up of elastic pockets for small items

complete with wrap band and button

for on-the-go sewing. KELASSSS gitu.... :)

Now the story :

1. She was playing wrestling with me and by purpose smacked her face onto mine. Ya, I play wrestle with my girl, so she would become strong enough to fight bullies (if any) at the Nanny’s, hopefully she is not the one.. hehehehe.

I told her – " Nada, avoid Mommy’s face.. Mommy kan baru cabut gigi. Gusi Mommy sakit."

Nada – "Gigi toilet?" ( I brought back my last molar which was extracted and placed it at the wash basin in the toilet)

Mommy – "Yes, the tooth is in toilet.. you saw, right. Sebab tu gusi Mommy sakit."

Nada – "Sapa buat?"

Mommy – "The doctor (read : Dentist)"

Nada – "Doctor !!! Issshhh... No-ne-no-ne-no-ne (start blabbering with fierce face as if cursing) . buatMommy! Rotan doctor.."

She’s imitating Mommy scolding the doctor just like Mommy does to console her when she complaint that the floor makes her fell down.

2. She was in her car seat at the rear passenger when Harris stopped for a red traffic light next to a BMW-Z4.

Nada – "Waaaaa.. Daddy, car banyak! Hahaha, car kecik! Daddy car besar." (Sambil-sambil buat muka berlagak, laughing to the ‘small’ Z4)

Mommy was relieved that the Z4 driver couldn’t hear her!

3. She recognizes Jalur Gemilang and it’s components as Tatu-leyse (Satu Malaysia). The first time I heard her saying was during Aidilfitri this year.

Whenever, wherever she sees the such, she’ll shout Tatu-leyse, Tatu-leyse. Be it the Giant logo, on coins or actual flag.

One day, she wore the t-shirt that I bought for her in Saigon… and she shouted “Tatu-leyse, Tatu-leyse. Nada, Tatu-leyse.. Daddy, Tatu-leyse..”

She met a kwailo sitting in Hotel Lobby in HK wearing the same t-shirt in blue color and went straight to the guy pointing to his t-shirt saying “Tatu-Leyse, same Nada” while showing hers. I think the kwailo also blur-blur..

I hope Najib Razak would not be ‘sour’ with my daughter for including Vietnam flag into the community of Satu Malaysia.

4. She sees or hears ambulance siren, she'll say.. MATIIIIIII.. She plays with McD toy of a girl riding scooter and acts as if accident occurred. She said... MATIIIII. I wonder if she really understand the concept of death. I don't remember ever teach her about death!

5. She says HUJAN as BUJAN. I tried to teach her - "HUUUUUUU - JAN". She repeats after me - "HUUUUUU-Bujan". I give up!

6. She likes soup… any kind and she calls it SOS. She likes soup with rice or mee or rice vermicelli. Upon having ……….., she will bring the soup bowl close to her mouth and slurp till finish. As parents to the toddler, we think it is still cute to do that for the age. So, we always try to capture photos.

Nada enjoying vegetable soup.

One night for a dinner, she did the same. Only thing, even before we picked up the camera… she told us… “ok, boleh ambik gambar”.. and brought the soup bowl to her mouth.

7. She’s excited watching advertisements on TV. It was LG Optimus that show a pair of parents shouting in bathroom if you could figure. She watched with big interest and shouted – HAH! SPANDER!...

O… Dear! I corrected her, “It’s spider…”

8. She is one baby with high awareness with surroundings. When she was about 13 months old or so, she made big noise when we were about one km away from our cousin's house Cik Byie. I couldn't figure out why in the first place.. but later understood that she was excited going to her second cousin's place, and she managed to figure out even a km away.

We tried to 'cheat' her by purposely walking towards our neighbor's house to see if she would be fooled and confused.. She was never able to be cheated even tho... you know... apartment houses, all doors look the same. She'll just stand still and that was when she's about 15 months.

The Kota Damansara tol house reminds her of Uncle Afiq, she'll shout "Ankeng Afiq- Ankeng Afiq" Whenever we are approaching it to go to our Cik Ra's house. What amazed me is.. she never mistaken with any other tol house.

Today, I was browsing the photos in my hard drive with her. Looking at this photo.. she said "Main dengan Ankeng Afiq". I asked her "Mana Uncle Afiq?" She showed me the carpet at the background of the photo and said "Nona" (what she calls Cik Ra).

As a mom.. I know exactly what she has in her mind. - The carpet reminds her of Cik Ra's house which brings her to Uncle Afiq.

I'm impressed.. that is so little carpet there, ok.

For the info : Uncle Afiq is her favorite uncle from Cik Ra's clan.

9. She’s always uneasy if Daddy’s not around. One morning she woke up looking for Daddy and asked me : "Mana Daddy". I told her – "Daddy went to JB, working."

With a complaint facial impression she uttered : "Ha… Pergi Cik Byie ? Nak ikut.. Main Abang Aqil."

Now.. when has Jay Bee turned to Cik Byie ?


ubisetela said...

comel la Nada!

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