Friday, August 20, 2010

The wishlist... :(

Early this year, I have three items in my wish list for 2010 in no particular order. To renovate our Puncak Jalil house, to get an MPV and to berlibur in London and Paris if not part Europe. They all require thick packs in my pocket or rather said my bank account need to show many zeros in front of the decimal points.. not after!
Though, I already work like a horse… it seems still not enough, we may only choose one.

Our Puncak Jalil house is as it was when we received Vacant Possession in August last year. The only different would be, it is without TNB meter now! Dah kena curik. I am not so sure what is holding us back from proceeding with the renovation. Harris is comfortable with our current address. Near to his work place and easy access to mine.

Getting an MPV is a dream preparation should we are blessed with a new addition to the family. However, the trials aren’t showing any success thus far. I’ve been shoving 400mg Folic Acid every day my eyes are turning yellow. (Errrr…. Itu Mek bikin gempak je) I guess, we’ll be reducing our account figure and contributing to Dr Ishak’s account soon for the ‘see-doctor-to-get-baby’ regime.
Sigh – this is so depressing and reading news on baby dumping makes me real sick, you know what I mean…

London and Paris is far reach. It is August now, soon would not be so good seasons for visiting.

Ahhhh… punah ranah segala harapanku.

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You are a real person living in a real world!