Friday, August 20, 2010


On one weekend, I went out for an appointment pertaining to an aside job that I am currently working on. Nada was left home with her Daddy. (Barangsiapa yang membaca dan memandang serong terhadap suamiku kerana manjaga anak di rumah dan membenarkan isteri keluar bekerja… Mind your own business)

Right after finishing with the fruitful meeting, I rushed home as I was already late for Maghrib prayers.

I reached home to find out :

What a lovely site. My heart melt. I took the camera and snapped this photo. You know, I want my girl to treat me as her best friend, but …. I believe being a daddy’s girl is so cool too.
Nothing compares to being lifted and carried by strong arms, ain’t it?

Out of my mind, I uttered “Bestnya Nada ada Daddy”………………………..


Last night, Harris was sitting on the sofa the same way. Looking at him, I straight away jumped onto the sofa and laid on his big fat tummy. Wahhhh! Heaven.

Annnnd… the tiny lil Dew never likes to see this kind of scene because she feels being left out. So she tried as much as she could to squeeze for a space on Daddy’s tummy.

My husband said : “It’s ok, Nada baring sini… (pointing to the available space on his tummy)”..
What I appreciate is… He didn’t ask me to make way for Nada, he offered warmth to us both, instead.

How I love this man. Not only he knows how to handle the stubborn-ugly-women me…. He also treats me like a small child with so much love.
I pray to Allah s.w.t for HIS blessing upon my husband.

Happy 6th Anniversary, Abang. May it brings us more joy in years ahead.
This is what I got for our 1st anniversary in 2005.

I love the artist and the album title says it all... I was very happy with this gift. :) Am not a difficult women to be pleased, aren't I? Never ask for rantai emas sebesar tali kapal.....

p.s :

Dear Abang, Here is my wish list for this year’s anniversary :
1. Trip to Hong Kong become a reality
2. A sewing machine foot press. *wink*


MsLavender said...

Happy Anniversary..

Kakak doakan kasih sayang Yanti dan Harris akan kekal hingga ke akhir hayat..

toughcookie said...

happy anniversary, mario... wishing you everlasting happiness and love :)

asuharAsuE said...

omedetou ghuzaimas...siawase ne!