Friday, January 15, 2010

Shepherd's Pie out of me

I am one person that I think who is really bad in cooking though at times that I cook, people will say Hmmm – Not Bad, Sedap. Not only I think I am lousy in cooking, I also do not have much interest in it. Cooking is my last choice to do in the house chores categories or of a wifey responsibility, though watching cooking programs on tele is one of my liking. What is wrong with me?

Even if I am at my parents-in law’s house, I have never tried to look good by trying to perform some culinary skill because I just know myself. I think I am suck at it. And if they detest me because of that, I have no points to back myself up. I lose.

Telling people that I could cook delicious cuisines is really something out of my mind. I could say “Come over to my house, I‘ll make you bake macaroni and bread pudding” but I will never say “Come over to my house, you should taste my wonderful bake macaroni and bread pudding”. I dare not.

Minus preparing meals for Nada which include her breakfast, lunch and dinner that I do religiously due to my subconscious mind keep reminding me that I have to feed her with healthy home cook food, I have to admit that I hardly cook for Harris and myself.
We eat out almost E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.

Harris has never complaint neither has he ever forced me to cook thus far. How can I be thankful enough to him?

The other day, we dined at Delifrance in Ampang Point. I had Shepherd’s Pie and I kinda wished if I could do it myself that I should try, but I figured I am incapable of that.
Then, things sometimes happens coincidentally when later my friend TC posted her delicious looking home made Shepherd’s Pie pix on FB.

I again, wish if I could bake a Shepherd’s Pie special for my love one – Harris.

Do ya'll think I should give it a try? What if my Shepherd's Pie turn out to be Burnt Pizza?
p/s : I received quite numbers of praises of this Harris & me photo. Some say, pix is nice…. Some say, the outfit is nice. For information, my mami made that superb piece for me. Isn't she a brilliant?


toughcookie said...

hehe beb, serious senang nak buat menatang tu... like you, i pun malas sikit bab masak-memasak ni. i like watching nigella express because she'd show how simple dishes can be cooked in less than 30 min. shepherd's pie ni pulak, another mommy in jada's play group told me how easy it is to make. you will not go wrong sebab there is no crust involved...

just try it... kalau tak sure, give me a call and i can assure you the steps :)

whm6840 said...

hie cookie,

i really need to try to change,:)..

as for shepherd's pie, i didn't even have a recipe to start with.
will google for one and just give it a go. kalau jadi, i akan post gambar besar2 kat blog nie.. wakakaka.