Monday, February 16, 2009


Nada a day after 1st Birthday

Nada turned one 17 days ago on 30.01.2009. For her first birthday, I decided for a top-up to her education insurance fund and something for a fine remembrance I ordered a gold name pendant at Habib Jewels out of my own pocket. Not that I am a fond of *bling-bling*, but I always agree gold will be a worth-it buy as memoir to mark a celebration. And since the gold price is hiking up by day, I think I will only get her the pendant this year, the chain… tunggu dulu, maybe next year! He he. Unless, daddy is willing enough to take some from his pocket for the chain or else Nada will get a chainless pendant for her first birthday. :P

See mommy, I'm big enuf to swing like Jane of the jungle

even, my car seat is too small for me now... i think i need a toddler seat

As much as me not wanting my girl to end her year one, she on the other hand is pressing the acceleration pedal, speeding fast. Crossing a year old line, I noticed Nada was showing so much new developments in just this two weeks. I used to play *chik-ku-chak*…. Tickling her underarms… Blowing her tummy….. She would giggle all the way as I did it to her.
But now, it’s the other way round, she is the one trying to blow my tummy or tickle my underarm or does the *chik-ku-chak* to me. He he …. It is so cute, to have small little fingers trying to ‘geletek’ my underarms. When I forbid her from blowing my tummy by holding my shirt as I am lying down, she will move away from me. At the instance that I let go my shirt, her speedy hands hastily grab my shirt, raise it and she would blow my tummy making sure she left as much saliva as she could! Upon so doing, she’d give me her cunning looking smile and big laugh as if saying – “I got you!”
Since, she is still not able to say words… her *chik-ku-chak* is….. hide behind our see thru sliding door curtain, gives a sweet smile and waits for me to say *chik-ku-chak*! Only then she’d show her face by lifting the curtain. How adorable!

She was able to differentiate a phone and a television remote control a couple of months back (May be just ours). If it is a phone she’d put it to her ear as if there is some one on the side, as for the tv remote control, she’d point at the tv imitating what we usually do. This morning when we rushed for work, I asked for her to hand to me the tv remote control to turn it off. She refused, so I told her – “Nada, please help Mommy to turn off the tv by pressing this red button” in just an abrupt way, not even looking at her face thinking she would not comprehend. Instead, she did pressed the red button with her index finger. When the tv went off, she clapped both of her hands and gave me her cheeky teasing smile. Maybe she didn’t even understand what I said, but her action was so prĂ©cised.

I did realize that Nada was trying to use her index finger for already quite some time. Somehow, she was only mastering to use it a few days back when she carefully pressing one-by-one of her play organ notes. Not the way she used to do, sometimes with 2 fingers, 3 fingers or simply her hold fist banging anywhere of the organ part as long as any sounds came out!

Nada has such wet mouth with saliva constantly dripping that I always need to put the bib on. Her Uncle Brad Pitt (nslave) said if I ever ‘takung’ the drips, I can actually use it to water the house plants! Many say I could have wanted to eat something during my pregnancy but was not able to. Some say, it could due to teething. We waited for the teeth to extrude out long enough but not until on Valentine’s Day two days ago it really appeared, although the shades have been in her gum for months. I soon will be able to use her toothbrush and not the gumbrush anymore.

glimpse of my tooth! - x-cuse my nostrils, :)

I usually place Nada’s shoes in line and the diapers in stack at each side of her clothes cabinet’s open shelves. Since the shelves are within her reach if she stands by holding to the cabinet, she just love to pull the shoes and diapers out to the floor and create a big mess.
Last week after like the usual mess she does, she looked at me and called me (in her own… AAAAA) with a proud face messing Mommy’s keep. I think she expected me to pick up the mess, but I just let her be instead. She then herself, picked up the shoes and diapers and put them back at the shelves. What amused me was she separated the shoes and diapers into different shelves just the way I do. It might be a co-incidence – I don’t know. Only thing they were not in line or stacks la….. simply shaft in! I regretted for not having the chance to catch it in a video. Harris brought the camera to his Penang site visit.

arghhhh,... wouldn't it be fun to mess up those inside the chest too.

Wonder what more development Nada will show and what more joy Nada will bring us in the coming days. I just so thankful to Allah s.w.t for lending me His greatness by allowing me to have this wonderful moments of motherhood. Should I ever fail to perform my responsibolity as a mother, I pledge His mercy to show me where have I gone wrong and give me the chance to make it right.

A year of pleasure having Nada Firas had passed… but just in a calendar year, never in the beat of my soul. She will always be my little girl at heart……. And of cause, daddy’s too.


wif mommy ... i can stand, but i can't let go the stroller!

wif daddy

wif mommy & daddy

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