Tuesday, December 20, 2011

127 Hours

I watched 127 Hours movie in our flight back home from Beijing (I hope I’ll be able to document my opinion about the trip later…) and I love it so much!. It was my kind of movie.

I always have a bias towards actual events movies and epics. Those fictions the like, Lord of The Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and such could make me sleep in the cinema.
I knowwwww… I am boring! But what to do, I just can’t take it I’d rather watch “the makings of them” or just pure cartoons.

So, may be many of you know about this movie, but I really don’t.
It is about Aron Ralston, a mountaineer whom got his right hand pinned by a boulder against canyon wall due to an accident drop. After being trapped for 127 hours, he got himself freed by the only way he got, that was to amputate his own hand.
He did so by breaking the bones and cutting the flesh and nerves using a blunt kit knife. Isn’t that really something extra ordinary? To top it up, he had to descend a 65ft canyon wall with one useable hand all by himself using whatever tools he had and further walked until he could reach for help.
I thought this man is amazing I couldn’t resist myself but to google more about him once I reached home. There were so many articles about him since the incident happened back in 2003, that he is now a motivational speaker, still an avid mountaineer, appeared in many life talk shows, cast in survival reality shows and even being a host to tv programs...

Where have I been for these 8 years that I know nothing about this man?

Aron describes whatever he did in the canyon as “Not losing his hand, but gaining his life back”. I salute him for being so positive towards LIFE.

I believe the strong will he has to live makes him sees things differently. And I also believe, the exposures, the opportunities his parents given him nurtured him in a way. There was a scene in the movie while Aron was trapped, he had a hallucination of him as a boy sleeping at the back of a car. His father then woke him up, carried him while he was still blurry, walked towards an edge of a Grand Canyon wall to watch the sun rises. The father’s line was something like “Hey buddy, wake up.. watch this…..”
When there were many of my favorite and heart pounding scenes in the movie, this one made me shed tears and the most significant to me. (Yeah.. I watch movies that I like with all my heart…)

Parents guidance is so important in shaping a person, I’ve long realized. Most people that are successful or outstanding in whatever field sure thanked their parents the most.
Richard Branson of Virgin always associates his parents in daring him to do the impossible.
The late Prof. Randy Pausch remembered his parents in always giving him opportunities, the simplest thing of letting him to paint his room wall.If you haven't listen to 'The Last Lecture', I strongly recommend for you to google and do so. It's worth it.
The late Steve Jobs of APPLE, though never acknowledge his biological father, sees his adopted parents as creating a path for him.

I so hope I am giving my best to always open up opportunities to my own girl either with my direct or indirect actions. The ways things should be seen in a broad picture. Knowledge is not just pen and papers. World and universe are to be own and shared.

My aunt, Cik Jah is lucky to have 8 children. She wishes all of her children to be around her, live near to her. Do things around her. Some people that I know, have the idea of their children to be schooling near home all the time.

But me, I don’t mind my girl to fly. To fly free as high as she wants, while it is my duty to once a while remind her that ground is still the place she stands.

And so Mommy asked her : “Nada, do you like Beijing?”
She answered : “No, don’t like Beijing, I like hotel..”
Mommy : “Why ?”
Nada : “Beijing (she meant outdoor) got whiuh-whiuh-whiuh (both hands showing wind blowing vigorously to her face). Beijing so cold, Mommy.”

Mommy likes that she has her own opinion.


Kerabu Jantung said...

127 hrs, I don't think I can watch that movie! My jantung is too fragile!

Yes, if you love you children, let them go brave the world - they'll thank you for it.

whm6840 said...

hahahahahah... u'r funny.
silap2 dapat mild attack ye tak?