Thursday, March 10, 2011

Priceless life experience

Mr Tan Hock Ann is one of Biology teachers in TKC. He taught me and still is currently. So special he is, he always carries his DSLR and takes photographs. Recently, it is a hit in FB among my school friends that he takes the effort to scan and upload photos of many of us during our alma matter.

I just browsed the album and ghee.. i so feel to wanna jump into time machine and return to the past. We had so much fun in school ! Definitely one of best phase of my life.
Back then in TKC, there were series of performance days, sports, competitions, parties ... I wonder when we actually spent time studying.

We have.. if I can name few.. 'Freshie' Concert for Form 1, English Drama Competition, Malay Drama Competition, Dancing Competition, Annual Dinner Performance, Teacher's Day Performance, House Party, Class Party, OGA Get-together, Band Competition, Mini Orchestra Competition, Inter-house of all kind of sports (of cause), Cadet competition, Debate competition,... ahhh so many more.

We learnt Music until Form 3. It was just blowing recorder and singing for 40 minutes. Songs like The Sounds of Music, Bear Necessities, Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree, The Autumn Leaves, Supercalifragalistic Expialidocious (not sure about the spelling), Flipper..
oh! happy stuff.

Prep class for us was only at night, not until I was in Form 4 that afternoon prep class was introduced. We dragged our feet to go for afternoon prep because we were so used to having our own lay back time. However, 5.30pm onwards.. we were jumping around on the field, courts, cycling, roller blading or simply watching TV.

Again,... it's true, we don't spend much time studying unlike the thought of many people has about TKCians.


ubisetela said...

I love Mr Tan, dia tak pernah marah pun. I was kaki tido in class (even when BIO was my all-time-favourite subject), and he would softly call my name,'Z******... tidur kaa?'. Nasib baik la now i don't sleep in class while teaching!

harris said...


I just know the way he sebut "kaa?"
i-cat wil be the best to imitate him