Monday, October 18, 2010

It feels good to travel - HK Day 1 & 2

Home Sweet Home. Indeed… but if I am granted for another day of holiday, I would want that another ONE day. We reached home from Hong Kong yesterday afternoon and not until this morning before going to work that I only switched on my hand phone. How I dragged myself!

While it is still juicy to talk about, I’d rather blog about the trip or it will never appear in here.
Hmmm… This trip was actually a follow-the-step kind of thing. My dear cousin, Safrul called me one day telling me he’ll be going to HK and being itchy me, I wanted to ‘tag’ along. Hence, the request for dear hub to make it happen as our anniversary present. :)

Unlike the usual, I didn’t make much ‘study’ about our intended trip. Simply because of my office works clutters. I didn’t feel so good to leave the work actually........
Harris is kind enough to do all the surveying.. be it our accommodation, transportation, travel routes, places to visit, proposed itinerary what-so-ever. However, the decision making was all left to me especially when it comes to spending money. Yeah, that’s how it goes in our household. We have the Prime Minister… but he is not holding finance portfolio, the First Lady does. Yes, I am the Minister of Finance. Mek kan kedekut sikit… it makes a good Minister, you see!
No…. Mek was brought up to savor every single cent that she has, so it must be spent diligently.

Since I anticipated, we’ll do a lot of walking and hopping on and off the public transport, I knew I must get something appropriate for Harris to be able to carry Dew every now and then. She already outgrown her Baby Bjorn carrier, so we bought this.

With the buy, we vowed, there will be a lot more adventurous outdoor activities for the family. Next in line – jungle trailing : the nearest – Bukit Indah kat sebelah rumah ni ha!!!! Dah bertahun dok sini… tak pernah2 pun ada inisiatip nak panjat bukit tu!

There goes RM600 for another carrier. It’s the third. I am a self proclaimed baby products junkie laaaa…. While we were at BSC-Mothercare, I was eyeing for the Phil&Teds 2 in 1 or double stroller.

TC, you are right.. that stroller is so smart, I dream of that if I am blessed with another baby. :) Berkenan yang kaler kuning.
(Harris is shouting – Habis.. yang dah ada dua kat rumah ni tak longgar kat mana-mana nak buat tukun ke?)

Ok, Enough! Have some photos …..

KL Sentral

KLIA Aerotrain

First time entering KLIA jungle walk..

Dew checking Going Places

HK Airport

Waiting for Airport Coach

We arrived HK at 1030pm and upon all the customs procedure, baggage claim… it was already too late for other kind of transportation to hotel besides the Airport Coach. Our first day ended so tired due to the journey proofed by this photo.

The second day was planned for a day in Macau. We had our simple breakfast in the hotel room and make our way to the MTR station on foot. I must give big credit to my husband. He walked HK streets like it is his own Kampung To’ La, Pasir Mas. He had a map in his hand and straight away could figure out the city grids. Mek ikut jek. I knew he needs no GPS to figure out roads in Malaysia that he could draw directions, people will never get lost… but HK? It is totally a new city to him, ok!
Some people are gifted with mapping mind weather he realized or not.

Causeway Bay MTR Station

We took the popular-most-used transportation to Macau, by high speed ferry. Well, if you are rich enough you can charter a helicopter!

Ferry operated by Turbojet company

Mek chatting with local.....

Sorry with the lacking of my world history knowledge… I never knew Macau is in lease by China to Portugal until 2046. Bad, huh! That’s why I need to travel more! It gives a reason…

Macau used to be a fisherman village and now.... As we all know, Macau is built by casinos but I tell you… until you visit for yourself… words are not easy to describe what casinos mean to Macau. Our English speaking tour guide William (we opted for a 4 hours tour assistance package that cost HKD750, since none of us speaks Mandarin or Hokkien or Cantonese and thought it would be easier to move around) told us.. Macau’s population is about 300,000 and 250,000 of them work in casinos. Remaining would be in public sectors and business. Hah kau… sampai tak cukup orang nak kerja kat kasino tu.

An interesting fact, pawn shop is the second biggest business after casino in Macau. So ideal, don’t you see? Tak cukup duit, pergi gadai Rolex buat main judi….. Habis jugak… terjun jambatan!

This landmark double M (Macau-Money) bridge claims 3-4 life of broke gamblers a year.

William briefed us there are 6 companies dominated the casinos, let me see if I still remember them all : Sands, The Venetian, Lisboa, City of Dreams, Whynn, hmmmmm…… oh! I miss one. Can’t remember. If you want to know of the yields or anything factual about casinos, might as well just google.

Ride a rolls roys if you're staying at Presidential Suite in Whynn

What I can tell you through my own eyes, I think casinos are designed to make people feel filthy rich. Every single detail is made luxurious. Luxurious building design, finishes, facilities provided and even the services rendered. Each casino would want to have their own unique features.. musical water fountain, golden ball show, etc.

All these are to make the gamblers feel happy and money is on their side when it is not necessarily. With thousands and thousands of slot machine and barracuda tables, gamblers sink in the cruise for having big money. Harris and I take turns to experience the casinos as children are not allowed to enter. It was so entertaining to just watch and observe the gamblers behavior. Ada yang hisap rokok berkepul2, baca doa terkumat-kamit… and the way they turn the card… every one has their own style.

We also visited the old Portuguese town, ruin of St John’s church. The only left was Macau Tower. It was a full circle of Macau and we headed back to HK island at 730pm.

Old Town

Ruin of St John's church

Macau is clean, even the back lanes... Mek like!

The only mosque in Macau was one of the stop for solat.

Mommy's handmade dress looks good in Macau too... hee hee..

Ok.. till then... See Ya!


asuhara sue said...

hahaha, kitorang tah dah berapa kali plan nak p HK but end up going to other places termasuk kpg ke-2 i (tokyo!)

p/s: really2 enjoy kan

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