Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long silence and activities

OOOOhhh, dah lama betul tak update blog ni. Luckily I do not forget my password! Life has been pretty hectic, with endless load of office works and also trying to slot in a couple of aside jobs. What to do..... Mek tidak dilahirkan dengan sudu perak, got to work extra hard for few extra grant.

Nada's Nanny is away for her balik kampung in Medan. She told us, she might go back for 10 to 14 days. I guess that is sensible as she has not gone back for about two years to see her family. It has been 12 days and I really hope she would return.
The first day she was not around, I brought Nada to office and my boss 'loan' his maid to me to look after my girl.

.... like a tuition class, after my boss's children came to office too at 3pm till 6 accompanying Nada!

Then after until tomorrow, I am lucky to have my cousin Shasha who is in her uni semester break to help babysitting. Though Nada cries like a 'mad' girl every morning as we leave home for office, she settles down few minutes after as per reported by Shasha.

However, until tomorrow I am still clueless of where? whom? how? would I arrange Nada to be taken care since Shasha is going back tomorrow night and starting her semester soon. Berdenyut kepala Mek!

Okeh-okeh... Aside of all these busy and clutter life I am going through right now, lets talk about something joyfull - at least to me.

All said with below photos... I've been tailoring dressess to keep me sane.

Dress 1 - I call it Tartan Pleat Dress

Dress 2 - Tie a Green Ribbon Dress

Dress 3 - Bareback Shirring Dress

Dress 4 - Reversible Tier Twirl Dress

Dress 5 - Beachcomber Dress (from Daddy's undershirt)... uh! Dew is super cute in this, I've yet to transfer photos of her.

There goes, few more 'under construction' and more fabric waiting!

Having these dressess, I have a special note for my dear friend, Toughcookie.

Dear Juan,

I meant one of the dressess numbered 1, 2 & 3 for Jada as a gift for her coming 2nd birthday soon. They may not be as gorgeous as the lines that she's having but rest assured... each one is unique. Well, it's handmade.....

I couldn't make up my mind which one to be gifted to her, I thought there would be no one better than you to choose. Furthermore, I came to understand that you seems to prefer choosing a gift so it will be to your liking (harap ada yang disuka!)... and hopefully will still be pleasantly surprised once received.

The Tartan Pleat Dress could be tat bit too long for petite Jada now. Tie a Green Ribbon Dress and Bareback Shirring Dress were 'test drive' to Nada like these :

She's picking Mommy's balcony pot flowers....
Nada viewing Jada's on phone video.
Promise : Only 'test drive' ............. never worn. So TC, leave me your mailing address in my FB inbox should you sudi to accept this gift on behalf of Jada.
with Love : Mario


Kerabu Jantung said...

Kena bukak butik dah ni,sayang paten comel-comel go to waste!

asuharAsuE said...

nak yg hijauuuu! ada saiz aku tak?hahahah joudan dayo ne!

p/s: nak mintak teach me jahit getah kat babeback tu laaa

whm6840 said...

menjahit untuk ketenangan jiwa dulu.. bukak butik kang takut jadi keharuan jiwa pulak.

jawa jepun,
ki lrei des ne? size ko tak dek la!

nak blajo.. no prob.. bukan susah pun, ada banyak tutorial kat i'net. Kau search for rubber shirring tutorial. Mesti ada. Aku pun blajo kat tutorial je.