Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dilemma Part II

Like I say, I have never have the dilemma to go back to work after giving birth but My HUGE dilemma is how do I ensure that my daughter is in good hands while I’m at work?

Do I get a maid?
.... Nah! Not while I'm staying in this tiny 950 sqft, 3 bedroom apartment. It's just nice for the 3 of us at the moment. Should we have one, how's Harris gonna walk around in his shorts and shirtless!... whoops! And so, how do I?

Do I send her to stay with my mami?
.... I don't think I should. Then I'll be missing her, further more I don't want to burden my mami to look after another cucu.

Do I send her to nursery?
.... Well, I'm also like most people. So sceptical with nursery... Ramai... mudah sakit.... bla.. bla.. bla...

Do I send her to a nanny?
.... Listening to news, it really gives u nightmares that nannies are always the ones who abuses kids and babies.

So what good choice do I have? None. I don't have any choice. I just got to brace myself, tawakkal and pick one of the above. For now, I picked the last one.

However... I do have a preferred way. I want someone whom is good with babies, willing to listen to me that she can come over to my house in the morning and leave by day end. She doesn't need to do any house chores like a maid. Just take care of Nada. I am more willing to pay a maid's salary to her by just doing that.

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