Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The First Blog

Well.. well.. My first blog.

Why do i wanna do this?... emmm let me think, i guess it's an 'in' thing now.. people blog everywhere. So, i thought i just want to give it a try.
Can i maintain to do so? Time will tell. May be i'll get bored or just don't have the time.

I read an article before in the star news about creating a blog. The author being a blogger herself suggested for a blog to have a theme. Be it about lifestyle, food, travelling, politics or may be just strictly gossiping...
I've come across blogs which only dealing seriously on political issues.... ergh! yuck! but mostly blogs are about oneself potraying the good side about their life. Bad ones.... jangan cerita....

As for me... my theme will be NO THEME. but one thing for certain i want to speak my mind, be it Good or Bad.

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